Inside the Heated Race for the Best Picture Oscar

Marlow: We are finally (almost) here. The 90th Academy Awards. Weve screamed to the heavens over who should have been nominated, debated the years biggest controversies (ugh, Ryan Seacrest), pondered whether the Oscarswith its lagging ratingseven matters anymore, and put our best feet forward in the snooze-worthy acting categories, where we definitely dont see eye to eye with the Academy (#Chalamaniacs).

Kevin: Is than an actual fan-army name? If not, it should be.

Marlow: We can be the co-founders. Anyway, weve arrived at the two biggest awards of the night: Best Director and Best Picture. Lets start with director. Not a lot of drama here: Guillermo del Toro has it in the bag, right? He won the DGA, and the DGA winner has gone on to win the Best Director Oscar 62 times in its 69-year history.

Kevin:Ive learned never to bring a bag to the Oscars. I have been wrong about Best Picture each of the last three years. I have a better track record with Best Director, and do think del Toro will win. I wouldliketo say that Christopher Nolan stands a chance of surprising for putting so much muscle into the most technically-challenging-and-making-it-look-seamless work withDunkirkand hed deserve it, toobut theres something so simultaneously wondrous and classic about the way del Toro put togetherShape of Water. A throwback to Old Hollywood romance starring a monster that was as necessarily familiar as it was bizarrely thrilling.

Marlow: I enjoyed The Shape of Water and it is beautifully shotparticularly that throwback song-and-dance number toward the end of the film, and the bathroom-lovemaking sequence (although it would have been fun to see how much heat this sea monster was packing).

Kevin:I am both horrified and delighted to inform you that you are not the only one to wonder that. Behold theShape of Waterdildo.

Marlow: Dios mio. Dildos notwithstanding, Del Toro is such a charming, gentle guy, and imbues his films with an irresistible childlike whimsy. And like you, I was impressed by Nolans technical mastery in crafting Dunkirk, whose frenetic battle sequences were on a par with the opening moments of Saving Private Ryan. But if I were a member of the Academy, Id vote for Paul Thomas Anderson, perhaps our greatest living director, for Phantom Thread. That movie completely floored me. The guy wasnt nominated for Boogie Nights, didnt win for perhaps the greatest movie of the 21st century in There Will Be Blood, and there is no one better.

Kevin:Its an interesting race. The frontrunners are three of our finest directors, all overdue, and each specializing in wildly different kinds of filmmaking.

Marlow: [Hugh Grant voice] Wouuuuld we say Guillermo del Toro is one of our finest directors? His last two films were Crimson Peak and Pacific Rimboth eh. And he directed Mimic, although Harvey Scissorhands may be to blame for that monstrosity. Anyway

Kevin: Then theres Jordan Peele and Greta Gerwig, both historic nominations in terms of representation, but also becausetheir filmsa horror movie commenting on race in America and a female-centric coming-of-age movierepresentcinematic voices that the Academy almost never recognizes in this category. These stats are starting to matter less and less, but like you said, the Oscars Best Director pick has matched with the DGA winner 13 of the last 15 years, and this year the DGA went to del Toro.

Marlow: Del Toro FTW, and a del Toro win would mean that all three of the Three AmigosCuaron, Inarritu and del Torowill be Best Director Oscar winners. Gerwig became only the fifth woman to ever be nominated for Best Director (insane), while Peele is the fifth black person to ever be nominated for Best Director (insane). Though the Academy has increased its POC membership from 8 percent to 13 percent over the past two years it still has a lot of work to do, so this years nominees were a good start. Lets talk Best Picturewhich, in a strange twist, is maybe the most hotly-contested category this year. I hope Three Billboards and The Post dont come away with the hardware, because I found both those movies to be mediocre for very different reasons.

Kevin:I lovedThe Post.

Marlow: Its so terribly saccharine! And the ending is one of the worst of not only the Best Picture nominees, but any movie this year.

Kevin: Call me Merylin a kaftan, because weve gone toe-to-toe on this one before (youre a harrumphing Hanks-as-Bradlee in this scenario) and my voice will not be silenced! But as for the race in general, whether or not its actually an open race, theres at least this feeling that it is, which is rare and exciting. I guess the idea is thatThe Shape of Water, Get Out, Dunkirk,andThree Billboardsall have feasible shots. But I think its definitelyThree Billboardsthat wins. Its won SO MANY other awards at this point.

Marlow: Ugh, I think youre right. That movie is a B-/C+ and a total mess.

Kevin: The racial messiness and backlash has completely whirred by so many other award voters heads, and I see no reason to believe that the Oscars will be any different. Its a film that purports to loudly say big things about race, gender, sexual assault, andthe heartland, but doesnt articulate any of those things with any discernible punctuation. Thats arguably not a good thing, but its also the reason I think it will win. Voters can feel satisfied that theyre voting for an issue-y movie, and its kind of a Choose Your Own Issue situation, where each person can point to the part of the movie that they think spoke to them. But, my god, save me from the think pieces when this win happens. (And, again, I think it will.)

Marlow: Sam Rockwell character arc aside, heres my issue with the film: its utterly convinced of its status as a blistering deconstruction of present-day American-heartland misogyny, underpolicing, and racism, when it is nothing more than a fantasy; a funhouse-mirror view of these not-so-United States by an outsider that feels like a series of strung-together monologues from different films. That McDormand rant at a priest is nicely done, butwhy was it in this movie? It feels like something McDonagh (who is Irish, naturally) had intended for a different project and decided to shoehorn-in. I think the Three Billboards backlash has been pretty overblown, however. Its just not a good movie!

Kevin: Backlash to the backlash is when you know that the award seasons been too long.

Marlow: So, so long. Now, I ranked Phantom Thread as my No. 1 movie of the year but think Get Out deserves to win Best Picture, if that makes sense. When people look back on 2017 in film, Peeles will be the movie that they remember the most; that is the most culturally significant.

Kevin:Yeah. Its hardly novel to point out that the movies that win Best Picture are rarely the ones that stand the test of time.

Marlow: Who still fucks with Argo? Ben Affleck doesnt even fuck with Argo.

Kevin: Get Outwill be remembered as the years most significant movie among the nominees.Call Me by Your Namewill last because of the emotional impact it had. And my friend Joe Reid wrote agood piece for Deciderarguing thatLady Birdis actually the movie well still be watching in 20 years. Cant you already see yourself lazing on the couch on a Sunday afternoon catching it on whatever version of cable we have then, or overhearing the next generation of teens gushing about how much they relate to Lady Bird? That said, none of those three are going to win. Do you think anything can take it fromThree Billboards?

Marlow: Love Lady Bird. I think Get Out has a legitimate shot with the Academys new bloodthey gave it to an emotionally-wrought drama tackling issues of blackness, homosexuality and masculinity in Moonlight ($27.8M domestic) last year over the crowd-pleasing La La Land ($151M domestic), after all. So Im hoping the situation gets fuckin handled.

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Ripe for a kicking: Hollywoods love-hate relationship with Rotten Tomatoes

Twenty years after its launch, the movie-review aggregators verdict is now seen as vital to a films success or failure. Is the site too influential for its own good?

Twenty years ago, the internet was a very different place. Google was a fresh rival to Alta Vista and Lycos. Apple computers looked like boiled sweets, and we dialled up to surf the net, having installed the software via CD-Rom. The movie world of 1998 was also somewhat different: the box office was ruled by meteorite movies and Adam Sandler; Harvey Weinstein was an Oscar winner; and The Avengers was a lame, retro spy comedy with Ralph Fiennes and Uma Thurman. It was into this climate that Senh Duong launched Rotten Tomatoes known in the business as RT a site that has transformed both worlds, although nobody seems quite sure if it has done so for better or worse.

Duongs idea was simple to compile movie reviews and it still drives Rotten Tomatoes. He was inspired by his love of Jackie Chan and Jet Li movies and would scour the internet looking for reviews of them. So why not put them in one place? Duong already had a full-time job, he says. Rotten Tomatoes was a side project I worked on in the evenings. He single-handedly designed and coded the site in just two weeks. It was very laborious. Every page was manually assembled using HTML. Every review was manually searched for, read and quoted.

In the same way that, say, and Expedia compare plane ticket prices, Rotten Tomatoes review aggregation has turned out to be super-useful, particularly as it boils all those reviews down to a single, convenient percentage score. It then boils down that score even further, to a simple graphic of a tomato. In the same way that Siskel and Ebert gave a thumbs up or a thumbs down, or the man from Del Monte tasted a pineapple and said yes or no, so Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer separates movies into fresh or rotten. If at least 60% of a movies reviews are positive, it is graded fresh, signified by a ripe, red tomato. Less than 60% and it is rotten, signified by a green splat. Over 75% gets you a certified fresh logo, like a sticker on a quality piece of fruit. (The 1998 Avengers movie, if you were wondering, scored a supremely rotten 5%.)

Lady Bird a hit with critics and Rotten Tomatoes. Photograph: Allstar/A24

Today, movies supposedly live or die by the ripeness of that virtual fruit. Rotten Tomatoes has become the one movie site to aggregate them all. The Tomatometer appears not only on Rotten Tomatoes site but also on ticketing sites such as AMC cinemas and Fandango (which has owned Rotten Tomatoes since 2016). It comes up on Google searches, iTunes, SoundCloud, in Twitter and chatroom discussions and (as long as the rating is fresh) in movie studios marketing campaigns. It is a news item when a movie achieves a 100% fresh rating, as recently happened with Paddington 2 and, before that, Greta Gerwigs Lady Bird.

With its dominance and prominence, Rotten Tomatoes is becoming the story and not always in a good way. After Lady Bird got its 100% score, for example, one critic opted to lob a green splat into the mix, not because he hated the movie, but because everyone else liked it so much. I had to consider whether to cast Lady Bird as fresh or rotten in the context of a perfect score that people were using to trumpet Lady Bird as the all-time best-reviewed movie on RT, Cole Smithey tweeted. In other words, Rotten Tomatoes status as a neutral measure of critics opinions comes into question when it starts to influence those opinions.

The possible gaming of Rotten Tomatoes scores has taken on more sinister aspects lately. Earlier this month, Facebook announced it had taken down the page of a group called Down With Disneys Treatment of Franchises and Its Fanboys, which was attempting to orchestrate a mass troll assault on the Rotten Tomatoes score of the superhero movie Black Panther. Alongside the critic-designated Tomatometer score, Rotten Tomatoes also gives each movie an audience score, determined by registered users and represented by a popcorn bucket: red and full for positive; green and tipped-over for negative. The anti-Black Panther group sought to lower the movies audience score by bombarding the site with negative reviews. It claimed to have programmed bots to create fake user accounts. It also said it was acting in the name of DC comics, the main rival to Black Panthers (Disney-owned) Marvel, but suspicions of far-right motivations persist, particularly because the same group had previously targeted Star Wars: The Last Jedi (also Disney-owned) on account of its supposed social justice warrior concepts.

Rotten Tomatoes has denied the attacks succeeded, but at present The Last Jedis Tomatometer score is 91% (a critical Yay!) while its audience score is 48% (a public Meh). Was this discrepancy the result of far-right bots or genuine audience division? Either way, it didnt matter much: The Last Jedi is now the ninth-highest-grossing movie in history. Black Panther is likely to be a billion-dollar movie, too.

Paddington 2 perfect score.

When movies bomb, however, the studios have been quick to blame Rotten Tomatoes. Last summer, Hollywood resorted to tomato-shaming to spare its own blushes over colossal failures such as Baywatch (Tomatometer score: 18%), The Mummy (16%), King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (29%) and Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (30%). The critic aggregation site increasingly is slowing down the potential business of popcorn movies, complained the website Deadline. Director Brett Ratner called Rotten Tomatoes the worst thing we have in todays movie culture and the destruction of our business. He may have been stung by the fate of Warner Bros blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which Ratners company co-produced; it earned a malodorous 27%.

The situation came to the boil with Batman v Supermans 2017 follow-up: Justice League. For Warner Bros, the movie was a big deal: a superhero team-up with an estimated $300m budget. So, eyebrows were raised when Justice Leagues Rotten Tomatoes score did not appear on the site as expected, once an embargo on critics reviews lifted. Even when those reviews were available on other sites and the movie was previewing in cinemas, Rotten Tomatoes webpage for Justice League was blank. Instead, the excuse ran, Justice Leagues score was to be announced on Rotten Tomatoes new web show, See It Or Skip It, in which presenters provide context and conversation around the movie of the week before revealing its all-important Tomatometer score. For Justice League, that score was a decidedly unripe 43%. By the time it appeared on the website, it had dropped to 40%.

Some observers smelled a conspiracy, since Warner Bros holds a 30% stake in Rotten Tomatoes parent company, Fandango (Universal owns the other 70%). Rotten Tomatoes, however, denied Warner Bros had anything to do with the decision: We are absolutely autonomous, like any news organisation, it said. There is no outside influence on anything we put on the site. If the studio was secretly trying to bury bad news, it didnt work. The incident ultimately generated negative publicity for Justice League, Warner Bros and Rotten Tomatoes.

Duong left Rotten Tomatoes in 2007 to pursue other digital media projects. When I started it, he recalls, I was only thinking of its positive impact that it could be really useful to film fans. And to studios: they could use the Tomatometer to promote their good films. I wasnt thinking at all about how they would react to the poorly reviewed ones. He notes that Warner Bros didnt complain about Wonder Womans 92% rating, which it used in its own promotion.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi targeted. Photograph: Allstar/Lucasfilm

Often, though, studios find subtle ways to control Rotten Tomatoes message, or, if necessary, stop it getting through at all. They may screen a movie before its release to a receptive crowd a fan-filled festival screening, say, or a cherrypicked selection of sympathetic critics to get a decent Tomatometer score on the board early and hopefully set the tone.

The biggest blockbusters are withheld from critics, or their reviews are embargoed, until very close to the movies release date. Occasionally (when the studio knows its got a real stinker on its hands) they are not screened for critics at all. As a result, no Tomatometer score appears until the very last minute. Last summer, for example, Sony embargoed reviews of The Emoji Movie in the US until just a few hours before its release. Critics gave the movie an RT score of just 6%, but it achieved a healthy opening weekend of $24.5m (17.5m) in the US. Family movies are generally less susceptible to the power of the tomato, anyway: few parents ever dissuaded an eager six-year-old by arguing the data.

Can Rotten Tomatoes really make or break a movie? It definitely has an impact, says Ethan Titelman, a senior vice-president at the Hollywood market research firm National Research Group (NRG). According to NRGs annual survey, 50% of regular moviegoers frequently check the site, often immediately before buying their cinema tickets. And 82% are more interested in seeing a movie if it has a high Tomatometer score, while two-thirds are deterred by a low score. Furthermore, Titelman adds, its influence is growing and broadening out. Once it would have been for your tech-savvy early adopters, but it has actually doubled its influence over moviegoers aged over 45 in the last couple of years alone.

Then again, a study by University of Southern Californias Entertainment Technology Center crunched the data on box office returns v Tomatometer scores for the biggest 150 movies of 2017 and found the correlation to be pretty much zero meaning that, in general, Rotten Tomatoes doesnt affect movies positively or negatively. Despite anomalies such as The Last Jedi, it also found a high correlation between critics scores and audience scores, which suggests that everyone tends to agree when a movie sucks. When Hollywood executives complain about Rotten Tomatoes scores, the researcher concluded, theyre really complaining about their audiences tastes because its basically the same thing.

Steven Gaydos, the executive editor of Variety, dismisses the studios complaints out of hand: Its really a case of shoot the messenger, he says. If Rotten Tomatoes reflects the consensus of opinion on a movie and the movie is bad and therefore doesnt do well, what part of that is Rotten Tomatoes doing something nefarious or terrible? Studios today bank on fewer, bigger movies, each of which can represent an investment of half a billion dollars in production and marketing costs, Gaydos points out. Also, a movies opening weekend typically accounts for one-third of its total box office. So, you can imagine how much pressure there is to get an opening weekend that has not been damaged or diminished by a bad Rotten Tomatoes score. Everything is at stake.

Rotten Tomatoes may not be killing movies, but it could well be killing movie criticism. Not only by attempting to bypass professionals and build buzz with the fans, but also by its inherent premise. Rotten Tomatoes only registers if each review is positive or negative (its rival Metacritic, by contrast, assigns a percentage score to each individual review, then calculates the average). A movie that everyone agrees is simply quite good could therefore be 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, while movies that are more challenging, controversial or experimental are more likely to divide critics and get a lower score. The system favours safety and consensus. As well as movies, Rotten Tomatoes is grading the critics: if a reviewer goes against the grain, the Tomatometer score is proof that they are wrong.

Its self-censorship, says Varietys Gaydos. Critics have trained themselves to [pretend to] take seriously movies that they dont take seriously because the danger is not having a job and not being relevant, being aged out of the discussion. The numbers bear out this trend. The median Tomatometer score for movies grossing more than $2m was 51% during the 2000s and 53% during the 2010s. In 2017, though, the year of crashes such as Baywatch and Pirates of the Caribbean 5, the median was 71%. Either critics are enjoying movies more or movies are better than ever.

Warner Bros didnt complain about Wonder Womans 92% rating, says RTs founder. Photograph: Clay Enos/AP

Gaydoss fear is that Rotten Tomatoes is replacing nuanced, thoughtful film writing. We used to read Andrew Sarris and Pauline Kael arguing, and now were looking at a picture of a green tomato or a red tomato. We have to see what weve lost here, people!

Film-makers have expressed similar sentiments. Martin Scorsese complained that sites such as Rotten Tomatoes have absolutely nothing to do with real film criticism. They rate a picture the way youd rate a household appliance in Consumer Reports The film-maker is reduced to a content manufacturer and the viewer to an unadventurous consumer.

Others disagree. The New Yorker critic Richard Brody argued that Rotten Tomatoes has the merit of putting reviews by critics who write for smaller outlets alongside those who write for more prominent ones, which is all to the good. Duong also defends his brainchild: In regards to this fear that people would only look at the score and not read the reviews, its not supported by data. When I was there, 85% to 90% of users who went to a movie page on Rotten Tomatoes clicked on a review and left the site. Its not surprising when you think about it: its a page full of links with enticing quotes.

When Duong created Rotten Tomatoes in 1998, Hollywood released many more titles than it does now, and they were reviewed by a handful of significant critics: major newspapers and magazines, syndicated critics such as Siskel and Ebert. The media elite, you could say. Today, the situation has flipped. Hollywood releases fewer movies and they are reviewed by hundreds, possibly thousands, of critics. You could see this as democratisation and diversity of the media, or the emergence of a cacophony of critical voices. However, the proliferation created an opportunity at the top to simplify and aggregate the multitude into one overarching meta-entity: essentially, a new media elite. Depending on how you look at it, Rotten Tomatoes either showcases organic, heirloom varieties like an upmarket grocery store, or it blends all difference into one homogeneous, easily digestible puree. The fruit is either half-ripe or half-rotten; its all a matter of taste.

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20+ Times People Had Genius Ideas That Are So Crazy They Might Actually Work

History is awash with examples of incredible discoveries, inventions and innovations that we take for granted today, but were widely mocked as crazy when they first came to light. Maybe, just maybe, there is future genius hidden in some of these ideas, taken from the subreddit CrazyIdeas.

I mean, who thought that injecting people with a benign form of disease to immunize them was a good idea at first? Or putting wings on a tube and attempting to fly in it? Absolute madness!

What we have here is a list a crackpot ideas that nobody could ever take seriously. Or could they? Some are undoubtedly just stupid and funny, others are actually rather insightful. There is even the odd nugget of genius where you think “hey, that could actually work!”

Scroll down to check out the latest batch of crazy ideas from the internet’s hive mind, and don’t forget to vote for your favourites!

A reality show idea with gay men.

11 gay men and 1 straight man are locked in a house. The object for the gay men is to find out who isn’t gay. Once a week someone gets outvoted, until 2 are left, or the straight man is out. If the gays manage to outvote him, they win 1 million dollars. If the straight man is among the 2 last people in the house in the end, he wins 1 million dollars.

Now here’s the twist: None of the men are actually gay, they just all think they are the one straight man.

Let’s get a team of people in neon green morph suits to break into a news room an harass the weather man. No one at home will have any idea what’s happening.

Pet stores should have an empty reptile cage labeled “chameleon” to see how long people will stand and look.

Mandatory training for police: They each visit another precinct as a prisoner, can’t tell those cops the truth, they experience the other side of things. Other officers never know who’s a cop or perp, and the experience will remind officers that we’re all human.

Google should tell you if you’re the first person to ever Google something.

They should have a TV show called “Help, I’m Wasting My Life” where relatively smart, talented people who are doing nothing useful with their skills are given life makeovers and useful jobs.

Remove the drinking age, make it so that you have to graduate highschool to legally drink. Increase graduation rates all over the country.

Abolish Leap Day. Instead, every 1000 years have one year with 615 days.

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Put kindergardens, kennels and retirement homes in the same building

A movie where Tom Cruise, Terry Crews, and Penelope Cruz stop Ted Cruz from attacking a cruise ship with cruise missles.

Write a book called How to Fix a Wonky Table. All the pages are blank, except for the first one that says: put this under one of the legs. It will have perforated pages they can be ripped out to fit any table.

An army of twitter bots that reply to every Trump tweet with ‘shut up’

Get all the one hit wonder bands together for a massive concert where they each only play their one song.

A TV show called String Theory where every episode has the same beginning and slowly deviates in a unique way.

Bring back The Joy of Painting, with Terry Crews as the host.

Google’s Self Driving Car should have an incognito mode where it tints all your windows.

A videogame which seems like a kiddy adventure game, as long as you follow the linear path the story has set you. The more you deviate from the main storyline path, the more unsettling, creepy, and horrific the game gets.

Donate 1000 shirts with your face on it to your Goodwill and see how long it takes to see a person wearing one in public

If wiki needs money so badly they should shut down for a couple days and scare everyone into donating.

Start a western themed bar, where the music stops randomly when the door opens, so that everyone can turn around and look at who entered and then go back to their drinks.

The US must have two Presidents at all times (one democrat, one republican). They share a bunk bed in the white house.

an app that keeps track of songs that you skip the most and suggest that you delete them at the end of every week.

After a government shutdown all active members of congress should be ineligible for reelection.

Slip a resignation letter on Donald Trump’s desk with the words “Executive Order” at the top; see his response when he signs it.

An app that shows you what your body will look like in two months time of working out. Every time you skip a workout the image of you gets less and less fit.

Pay prisons by the time ex-inmates stay crime-free after release

Let people donate blood instead of paying small fines like parking tickets.

Can’t think of the title of a song? Perform the song yourself and release it as your own. Wait a few weeks until you get sued by the artist; they’ll say the name of the song in the lawsuit.

Hire a group of attractive males and females to roam individually around the city. Their job is to smile, make eye contact with, and complement strangers in order to increase morale and general mental well being.

I should install switches on my car’s dash that don’t do anything. When someone gets in my car I’ll look them dead in the eye and say “Buckle up.” I’ll start flipping switches in what appears to be a purposeful order, then I’ll drive like a grandma while avoiding any conversation about the switches.

Power wash the Statue of Liberty to return it back to it’s original copper color

Make a Batman movie but don’t announce the name of the actor playing Bruce Wayne. Then the audience will be exactly like the people of Gotham.

Everyone should search on for ‘tiny hands’ so that it shows up as the top rated search.

Create an app called Bros Worldwide. It’s like a dating site but for finding some bros to chill with when you travel. If you are at home and bored you fire up the app and see if any foreign tourists are in your town that want to get drunk and party with the locals.

If your last name is Mann, name all your kids Spider, Super, Bat, Iron, etc. Name the youngest Hugh.

A place called The “Coffee” Shop that serves alcohol in coffee cups, and everyone just pretends it’s a normal coffee shop even though they’re totally wasted.

A bed that gradually angles itself so that by the time you have to be awake, you’re already standing. Sleep any longer and it makes you fall on your face.

Make a handy guide of Democratic and Republican talking points so instead of having a big argument, you could just say, “#4” and the other person could say, “#8 contradicts that” and we’d save time because no one is going to change their f*cking mind anyway.

We should start using “digital penetration” as a term for hacking until it becomes so popular that Fox News and CNN are saying it on-air.

Taken 3. Set in a Buddhist monastery. Having found his daughter and wife in the previous movies, Liam Neeson embarks on an existential journey… to find himself.

An app that runs in the background and plays ever increasing Jaws music the closer you get to a registered sex offender.

Everyone just ignore Donald Trump for the next four years. Like he’s not even there. Ignore him and wait it out.

Reverse Breaking Bad. A TV show where a ruthless drug dealer slowly becomes a mild mannered school teacher over the course of 5 seasons.

Technically Correct: the game show. contestants will give the answer as further away from the legit answer as possible yet still technically correct.

Deadpool should appear in all future Marvel movies that are rated PG-13 and use their one allotted “f*ck” in a brief cameo.

We all join ISIS so there isn’t anyone left for them to attack. Then we dismantle it from the inside.

Make texting vibration patterns be morse code of the contact’s initials, so you learn morse code over time and have an immediate idea of who texted you

A Matrix Prequel where Neo keeps choosing the blue pill over and over again and Morpheus keeps going back with a new argument for the red pill.

Create a gym for only fat people. It’s a safe space and they can feel comfortable there. When thy lose enough weight or their BMI drops to a certain level their membership is canceled.

A porn video where a woman orders a pizza, pays with money. Then She has a plumber come, fix her faucet, get paid with money, then leaves. After many such psych-outs, she finally goes to bed and has sex with her loving husband.

Now that our search history is for sale we should crowd fund and buy politicians web histories and post them publicly.
My thought is they always claim they have nothing to hide so let’s post everything.

Hire a female prostitute, tell her to meet you at a fancy restaurant, and ask her to pretend to be your colleague from the bank. Hire a male prostitute, and tell him the same thing. Reserve the table next to theirs and listen to them trying to improvise sexy bank-themed dialogue at each other.

Get a bumper sticker that says “Honk if you think I am doing an excellent job driving.” Then you can cut people off and they won’t know what to do.

Domino’s should sell rectangular pizzas that look like dominoes

We should all start using Myspace again, out of nowhere.

Let’s get real: Facebook kinda sucks.

Why not MySpace?

It has retro nostalgia value.

It’s owned by Justin Timberlake, the pop prince of the 2000s.

It could function as a much-needed alternative to Facebook (eww).

And wouldn’t it be hilarious if all of a sudden, out of nowhere, in 2017, people were suddenly using Myspace again?

No one would ever see it coming.

Jimmy Johns should randomly deliver a sub once in a while to someone and say “We’re so fast, we got your sandwich here before you even knew you wanted one!”

Call a pest control place and say your attic is filled with bats, but instead fill your attic with Baseball Bats. also im drunk.

Make a beer callled “Responsibly” and market it with the slogan “Drink Responsibly”

Allow men to donate their nipples to women who’ve damaged theirs. Male nipples now have a purpose.

A televised snowball fight where both teams consist of MLB pitchers.

Show a newborn duckling a mirror so that it thinks it is it’s own mother and proceeds to take over the world because it knows no limits

Overpay your last student loan payment by $25 so that you have an excuse to call the student loan office and demand they give YOUR money back every day for the next 5 years.

Release a breakthrough “autism free” vaccine and market it to anti-vaxxers. Make them exactly the same as current vaccines of course, because it’s not like anti-vaxxers would know the difference. Everyone else just shuts up and goes with it, and the whole world gets vaccinated.

Attach sensors to every car that determine the exact weight of bugs killed while driving. Add up the score at years end and announce the winner on TV. Since bats also kill an impressive amount of bugs, the winner is dubbed Batman and can legally conduct vigilante justice until the next year.

Real life “community challenges”. Ex. Plant 500 million trees by next Sunday and everyone pays 2% less in taxes.

Make Mewtwo available in Pokemon Go for one hour only, at Wal-Mart, on the morning of Black Friday

Don’t put party affiliation on voting ballots, that way people have to actually pay the minimum amount of attention when deciding who to vote for.

Gordon Ramsay should do a series in which he cooks recipes from the Internet, and tries them.

Make a documentary series called “The War, on Drugs” where college professors of 20th century history discuss WWI while smoking weed, dropping acid, and eating shrooms.

Hire two hit men to kill each other. Hire the winner and another hit man to kill each other. Repeat until you have found the world’s greatest hit man.

Netflix should buy a large movie theater chain. Rename it Netflix. Free admission for Netflix subscribers, otherwise tickets are $5. Popcorn and Soda sold at cost.

Announce Ryan Reynolds has dropped out of the “Deadpool” sequel (following the director), 3 days later announce the new actor cast in his place, Brian Ronalds (Ryan Reynolds with a cheap fake mustache). Keep up the charade for the entirety of the marketing, and have the mustache appear in the movie.

A waterpark for adults only. More extreme slides. A wave pool that has huge waves. Alcohol everywhere. And a normal lazy river.

Publish your browsing data as a book, so ISPs would be infringing your copyright by selling your browsing data.

PM the constitution to each other so the NSA will read it.

Have Alexa respond to random laughter with laughter of her own.

A jalapeño-shaped piñata, called a jalapiñata, that douses partygoers with mace when it’s busted open.

“Topless & Wet”, a smoothie bar where none of the blenders have lids.

A dryer that uses your lindt to make wool (like) socks. Once it has enough material it’ll just add a sock to your load

A hamster ball filled with water so your pet octopus can walk around the house

Kanye should host a event to raise Dyslexia awareness in Kenya

Take a girl on a first date to couples counseling.

Delete any post that gets more than 2000 upvotes on /r/mildlyinteresting, since it is too interesting.

Walk around in public wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and a “Black Lives Matter” T-Shirt and just see what happens.

An airhorn that looks like a Febreze can do you’ll always know when someone poops at your house.

Prank people who have just come out of a coma. Get the doctors to dress like confederate soldiers. Dress an old lady in American 1862 garb and have her claim to be the patients wife. Explain- “you were hit by cannon fire in March 1861”

A museum for dogs featuring rare and fascinating odors from around the world.

A website to match up your upvotes with other people to find your closest match based on similar votes

Have a medieval-fantasy tv show (like Game of Thrones), but everyone in that fantasy world has smartphones and texting. There should be no explanation why the technology exists, and it won’t be a comedy. Just a serious dramatic story with knights and kings and everything, but with smartphones.

Challenge all White Nationalists and Neo Nazis to fight each other to the death for title of Whitest, Neoest Nazi

Obama hosts the next season of The Apprentice

In four years when Tokyo has the Olympics, they should have Godzilla light the final Olympic Flame.

To Disney – Don’t release any trailers or details for Star Wars episode 9, just have blank posters that say Star Wars episode 9 on posters and have 30 second long silent commercials that only say Star Wars episode 9, nothing else.

Netflix should cast Danny DeVito as Frank Underwood in season 5 of House of Cards and not acknowledge the change

How to win the war on drugs: Legalize all drugs then require that all drugs be purchased through Comcast customer service.

It’s been 10 years since “To Catch a Predator”. Make a Hollywood celebrity special.

Subway should create a subsidiary called Domway where they tell you what kind of sandwich you’re going to eat.

Netflix should have a “Least Popular” category, so that people can either A: watch movies nobody’s seen, or B. watch movies that they kinda feel sorry for.

Shut down the /r/conspiracy sub. Give no explanation.

Hold a 5k race for Julian Assange doppelgängers and have it start at the Ecuadorian embassy.

Walk into a bank and request a $10,000,000 loan for the purpose of opening a competing bank.

Make Betsy DeVos go through every grade of public school, Billy Madison style.

If you can buy politicians, why not have a crowd funding to buy them for the interests of the people?

A TV show called “Pilot”, where every episode is a different setting and plot with the same actors every time.

Go to a gloryhole and push carrots and cucumbers through the opening. Refuse to leave saying, “no dessert until you finish your vegetables”.

A house buying show where the buyers are millennials and they can’t afford any of the houses

If you are ever going to be drafted for a war, get “f*ck you†tattooed on the outside of your right pinky. You won’t be able to salute without showing your superior your tattoo and they’ll refuse your draft.

A new video game where you play someone with no skills and no weapons. The object is to get killed as fast as possible while a heavily armed badass tries to protect you. Call it “Escort Mission”

Turn the concept of ‘ELI5’ into a game-show: contestants attempt to explain complex ideas to an actual five-year-old, then the kid attempts to explain those concept to a panel of judges, who eliminate contestants based on how well their kid explained the concept that they were taught.

You know how “Christian rock” is a genre? We should totally make Muslim rap into its own genre and have a music festival called “I-Slam”.

Find a Bible, replace all instances of the word ‘Father’ with ‘Daddy’

A Romeo and Juliet parody where a fedora-wearing neckbeard and an easily triggered tumblrinia fall in love, but the corresponding websites forbid their relationship.

Have the current president attempt to pass the Presidential Physical Fitness Test.

Bad driver laser tagging: if a driver gets tagged by more than 5 other drivers in an hour, their car is slowed down and morphed into a penis themed PT Cruiser for the rest of the day. Also, car morphing. That needs to be a thing first.

Give inner city gang members free paintball guns and paintballs and see if they’ll agree to use them for a month instead of real guns, and respect the results as if they were real.

Olympic Games with random people from each country so everyone has a reason to stay fit in case they get picked.

Oscars ‘In Memoriam’ segment slammed for excluding Adam West, Glen Campbell

The 2018 Oscars “In Memoriam” segment got an “incomplete” grade from fans after stars including Adam West, Glen Campbell and David Cassidy were left out of the prestigious montage.

The awards show always honors Hollywood actors, singers and filmmakers who died in the last year. Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder performed Tom Petty’s “Room at the Top,” a tribute to the late singer, who died last October. The “In Memoriam” segment featured stars such as Sir Roger Moore, Don Rickles, Harry Dean Stanton and Jerry Lewis.

Watchers on social media, however, were quick to point out West, known for playing Batman in the 1960s TV series, was snubbed in the segment. West died last June after battling leukemia.

Campbell, who died last August at 81, starred in the 1969 film “True Grit” and was nominated for best original song, “I’m Not Going to Miss You,” in 2015.

Other people left out of the “In Memoriam” segment included “Harlem Nights” actress Della Reese, “The Lion King” actor Robert Guillaume, “Fraiser” star John Mahoney, “Gomer Pyle”s Jim Nabors, “The Partridge Family” star David Cassidy, “Magnum P.I.” actor John Hillerman, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” director Tobe Hooper, “Written on the Wind” actress Dorothy Malone, and “House of Cards” actor Reg. E. Cathey.

Some people also argued that “M*A*S*H” star David Ogden Stiers should have been honored in the segment, though he died a day before the awards show. However, the Oscars did manage to add Bill Paxton into last year’s “In Memoriam,” who also died a day before the 2017 Academy Awards. 

Katherine Lam is a breaking and trending news digital producer for Fox News. Follow her on Twitter at @bykatherinelam

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Streaming service Fandor has a new COO and a new Chief Product Engineering Officer

Fandor has expanded its executive team, promoting General Counsel and Chief Distribution Officer Felice Oper to the role of COO, and appointing TS Ramakrishnan as its Chief Product Engineering Officer.

Oper joined the company in 2015, around the same time that Larry Aidem took over as CEO. Aidem, who previously worked with Oper at HBO, said that her role at Fandor has expanded organically, where she wasn’t just handling the company’s legal affairs but also orchestrating deals like the new partnership with MoviePass.

“She isn’t in the business of just saying no and folding her hands — that’s what some lawyers think their job is,” Aidem said. “She knows how to see it from both sides. It was a very natural progression from GC to distribution to the product and engineering, enabling not only our distribution, but ads and sponsorships.”

As for Ramakrishnan, whose previous roles include Head of Product at Yahoo Mobile and Vice President of Product Engineering at Facebook, Aidem said they were connected through Chris Kelly, the early Facebook executive who invested in Fandor and currently serves as its chairman. Both Aidem and Oper praised Ramakrishnan’s product insights and “interactive chops.”

The appointments come as the broader entertainment landscape is changing, with most high-profile spending at Netflix and its competitors going into TV series. Aidem said Fandor, in contrast, will remain “purely movie-centric,” with “unabashedly the largest supply of independent film.”

FeliceAnd Fandor itself is in the middle of a reboot, which Oper and Ramakrishnan will be guiding.

“It will be gradual,” Oper said. “It will be radical, though.”

The idea is to take something that was a pure subscription service, with all of its content behind the paywall, into more of a hybrid that combines free and paid content. Fandor has been moving in this direction with its Keyframe blog and video essays, but Oper said the plan is to eventually offer free movies as well, and to create a product where everything “is integrated into one space in a way that you truly won’t find anywhere else.”

“The new elevator pitch is ‘Pandora for movie lovers,’” Aidem added. “You can snack and get to know us. The short form is very strategically designed … to be a place that connects the dots — particularly for millennials who may have seen Dunkirk but not know, ‘Oh, that’s the same guy who did Memento, The Prestige and the Batman movies.’”

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20+ Surprising Movie Details You Probably Never Noticed

Sometimes we want to forget a film the second we walk out of the movie theatre, but sometimes we desire to get its copy and rewatch it again, and again, and again. Maybe the acting is captivating, maybe the cinematography is beautiful, or maybe the filmmakers have hidden so many little details within the scenes, you find something new every time you press play.

To show you how scrupulous some productions are, Bored Panda has collected an eye-opening list of incredible movie details. From Interstellar’s cornfield to the Matrix’s doorknob, it’s no wonder why some films take years and years to make. Scroll down to check out images and let us know in the comments which entry surprised you the most!