Different Places in Gotham

Gotham is the major economic place in the United States in DC Universe. There are quite a lot of important industries that goes with it including manufacturing; shipping; finance; fine arts. You can see these places in various and distinctive places in the City. Here would be some of the list of the most notable places in the city.


Otisburg is the district in Gotham that runs straight through the northern segment of the island and connects to Gotham County on the mainland.

  • Stagg Enterprises is a multinational science company in Otisburg that specializes in various nation-wide industrial aspects and new, innovative methods in the fields of engineering, chemistry and genetics.
  • Monarch Playing Cards is a playing card company next door to Ace Chemicals that the Red Hood gang attempted to rob before being gunned down using the Ace building as a shortcut.
  • Knightsdome Sporting Complex is a sporting complex in the north-western section of Otisburg that hosts many of the city’s major sporting teams and events.
  • OMAC Base is the hideout of OMAC and his Brother Eye located underneath Knightsdome Sporting Complex.
  • Ace Chemicals is a chemical company in the western area of Otisburg where one of its former engineers attempted to smuggle the Red Hood gang through so they can rob the Monarch Playing Cards company next door, but was stopped and tripped by Batman into one of the chemical vats, resulting his transformation into the Joker. In the 1989 Tim Burton film, the company is “Axis Chemicals”.
  • The Stacked Deck is a seedy nightclub where the most notorious criminals hang out.
  • Amusement Mile is an amusement park in the northern cape of Otisburg lined Ferris wheels, roller coasters and other attractions typical to a theme park.
    • The Joker’s Funhouse is a park attraction at the center of Amusement Mile owned and operated by the Joker, who uses it as the legitimate front for his criminal operations.
  • GothCorp is a economical and pharmaceutical company rivaled by Wayne Enterprises. Its CEO is Ferris Boyle, who is responsible for the transformation of one of his employees, Victor Fries, into the supervillain Mr. Freeze.
  • S.T.A.R. Labs is in a multinational research company in that specializes in weaponry through its Gotham branch.
  • Westward Bridge is the bridge that extends over the Gotham River to the west, connecting the Burnley district to Arkham Island.


Burnley is the district that runs at center of Gotham.

  • Gotham University is one of the city’s oldest and most prestigious universities, giving rise to many of the nation’s brilliant minds and thinkers. Among these former college students were the Batman adversaries Harleen “Harley Quinn” Quinzel, who studied psychology there via a gymnastics scholarship, and Jonathan “the Scarecrow” Crane, who once taught psychology there until he was fired for experimenting a fear-inducing toxin on his students. Founded in 1898, the university became a highlight in academic education, resulting in it possessing its own bank and a museum with a priceless art collection. Though its primary sport is American Football, the college also hosts high end Gymnastics and Golf teams.
  • Von Gruenwald Enterprises is an economical and biological defense company in Burnley that specializes in various industrial aspects and advanced pharmaceutical research and development.
  • WGTU Radio is a television station supported by Gotham University based on the real station in Traverse City, Michigan.
  • Gotham Mercy General Hospital is Gotham’s primary public hospital.
  • Giordano Botanical Gardens is a reservation garden in Burnley that Poison Ivy sometimes uses as a hideout.
  • Burnley Freight Yards is a chief location for importing and exporting material to and from the city that is most likely used by the Falcone Crime Family.
  • Gotham Arms Apartment is an apartment complex located in the southern area of Burnley that use to display a sign with a design or symbol by which to identify an inn or tavern. For example, the “Gotham Arms” was identified by a Gotham Coat of Arms hung above the tavern’s doorway to easily distinguish it from the city’s other residential establishments.
  • Old Gotham Subway is an underground series of abandoned subway tunnels located underneath Burnley.

East End

The East End is an underdeveloped part of Gotham laden with poverty, crime, prostitution, and the circulation of illegal drugs and weapons. Catwoman takes an active interest in protecting this area.

  • Crime Alley is a small side street located in the East End. Formerly known as “Park Row”, Crime Alley is a dangerous, crime-infested area. This is where Joe Chill killed Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne in front of their young son Bruce after the family had visited an opera. In addition, this is the location where Batman first met Jason Toddwhen the youth attempted to steal the tires from the Batmobile. Crime Alley is also where Dr. Leslie Thompkins maintains her clinic.
    • Wayne Memorial is a memorial site in Crime Alley dedicated to Thomas and Martha Wayne. Although essentially a collection of roses placed over the spot where the Waynes fell, the site is maintained by Batman.
    • Park Row Theater is a once-fashionable run-down movie theater in Crime Alley that, over the years, became infamous for being the last location Thomas and Martha Wayne visited before they lost their lives in a mugging in front of their son. The theatre quickly lost business and ran into bankruptcy, joining the rest of the district in corruption and decay.
  • The Bowery is described as Gotham’s worst neighborhood. Bordered by Crime Alley to the north, the neighborhood is home to Crown Point, a smaller inner-district ridden with crime, homelessness, and prostitution.
  • Falcone Penthouse was the headquarters of the Falcone crime family before Two-Face killed Carmine Falcone himself. This was also the place where Batman first encountered Catwoman and Two-Face, all of this in Batman: The Long Halloween.
  • The Cauldron is an area of Gotham known to be used as the headquarters of the Sullivan and Riley crime families. It is also home to some of the most prestigious hitmen in the city.
  • Daggett Enterprises is a economical and pharmaceutical construction company opposing Wayne Enterprises that specializes in various industrial aspects, epidemical research and real estate development.
  • Special Crimes Unit (SCU) is a police station that serves to accommodate police officers and other members of staff that are charged with overseeing the enforcement of law within the East End. To this end, the station is also home to the Bat-Signal and built to contain offices and accommodation for personnel and vehicles, along with locker rooms, temporary holding cells and interview/interrogation rooms. In The Dark Knight Trilogy, it is known as the Major Crimes Unit (MCU).
  • Distribution Center is a hideout used by Bane slightly south of the SCU.
  • Robert H. Kane Memorial Bridge is a colossal bridge constructed by the step-brothers Nicholas and Bradley Anders that connects the Eat End to Kane County.
  • Robbinsville is a curved district on the East End’s southern peninsula named after DC comics artist Frank Robbins.
  • Cape Carmine is a cape at the end of Robbinsville that has always been under the occupation of organized crime.

Old Gotham

Old Gotham is the district more well known for the location of Oracle’s Clock Tower and the GCPD headquarters.

  • GCPD Headquarters is the primary headquarters for the Gotham City Police Department. The building itself had been a target for attacks from vandals, delinquents and supervillains alike, however, the building is always restored, rebuilt and refurnished to continue upholding the law and maintaining justice in a city filled with corruption.
  • The Clocktower is a clock building which at one time contained the secret headquarters of Barbara Gordon, for her activities as Oracle.
  • Gotham City Hall is the city’s public institution where its city officials reside.
  • Cathedral Square is the location of Gotham’s main cathedral. The Cathedral was once intended to be the spiritual center of the city, with stone gargoyles and tolling bells watching over Gotham from its towers; designed conceptually to keep evil at bay, the Cathedral once dwarfed the surrounding buildings of the city.
  • Riverfront Center is a bottled shopping center located in the northern area of Old Gotham, overlooking Miller Harbor.


Diamond is a district of Gotham that is home to the city’s wealthiest citizens.

  • Wayne Enterprises is a economical military defense company in the Diamond District that specializes in various industrial aspects and advanced technological research and development.
  • The Iceberg Lounge is a nightclub owned and operated by the Penguin. He uses the club as the legitimate front for his criminal operations.
  • Robbins Enterprises is an insurance company that specializes in various software research and development.
  • The Gotham Gazette is one of the major newspapers in Gotham City. In the Silver Age comics, the editor-in-chief of Metropolis newspaper The Daily PlanetPerry White, had once worked for the Gazette early in his career.

Robinson Park

Robinson Park is the city’s main park. During “No Man’s Land”, Poison Ivy claimed this area as her own.


Chinatown is a district that is home to a solid and traditional Chinese community. Known for its restaurants and oriental markets, Chinatown residents seem to consider themselves a self-contained community and neither ask for nor feel that they require assistance from “outsiders”. The district’s main street could be accessed through an ornate golden gateway on Gate Street.

  • Vincefinkel Bridge is a bridge that connects Chinatown to the mainland out west. Originally known as the Brown Bridge before the No Man’s Land incident, the Vincefinkel Bridge stretches across the Gotham River.

Blackgate Isle

  • Blackgate Penitentiary is Gotham City’s main prison, located on Blackgate Isle.[52]
  • Statue of Justice is a monument situated offshore of the city. The figure appears to have a blindfold over her eyes and a sword and scale in her outstretched hands.

Bristol County

  • Wayne Manor is the mansion estate of Bruce Wayne and the location of the Batcave. It is also known as Wayne Mansion and Stately Wayne Manor.