The Orange Is the New Black Cast Changed TV as We Know It

This week:

  • Saying goodbye to Orange Is the New Black
  • A good Taylor Swift song?!
  • About that Big Little Lies finale
  • Surely, this Ben Affleck news is an Onion report.
  • Jennifer Lopez is an immortal goddess.
Orange Is the New Black Was So Great

The final season of Orange Is the New Black is really good and more topical than ever. We will tell you more about that next week, as we are so restricted by Netflix in what we can say about the new season that theres honestly no point until then.

(Listen, theres not much about my job to complain about. HOWEVER. The increasingly ridiculous practice of attaching riders describing spoilers that critics are forbidden from revealing has not only gotten out of handfor Stranger Things 3, we were not even allowed to say that Russians, introduced in the first scene, were the seasons villainsbut has also completely ruined the viewing experience for some of us. Surprise deaths and major plot points for Stranger Things 3, Veronica Mars, and OITNB are just a handful of what we learned in an email before even being allowed to press play on Episode 1.)

But we can tell you about how this show has completely changed television. On an industry level, it is the series that arguably granted Netflix the prestige it has now. House of Cards had come before it, a drama that could have been on Showtime. But its OITNB that played with tone, structure, theme, pacing, morality, and inclusivity in ways that defined Netflix while shattering the television landscape as we knew it. And its on that latter point we want to focus.

The acting on OITNB, most of it done by women in their first major television roles, has been the most impressive on TV during its seven-year run. Tour de forces by veterans like Kate Mulgrew, Natasha Lyonne, Taryn Manning, Laura Prepon, and, in Season Two, Lorraine Toussaint built the show a solid foundation. A mesmerizing, undersung turn by Taylor Schilling as one of TVs trickiest characters made it exciting. But the breakout turns by Uzo Aduba, Laverne Cox, Yael Stone, Selenis Levya, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Diane Guerrero, and so many more made watching the show a thrill.

But its Danielle Brooks work as Taystee that I want to talk about. It might be my favorite performance of the last decade. A bubbly scene-stealer has become the shows most tragic figure, and through it all Brooks has remained towering. She has such a command not just of every frame, but of Taystees darkness as well, that its almost hard to breathe when shes on screen.

Taystees appeal is her strength. Her relatability is her vulnerability. Her tragedy is her loss of hope. I cant believe she never got an Emmy nomination. But shes won the more prestigious award: MY HEART!

Finally, a Good Taylor Swift Song

I frankly dont have the energy anymore to keep up with whats going on with Taylor Swift, whether we like her or not, why we like her or not, or attempting to figure out who Scooter Braun is. I am, however, very concerned with whether or not she is giving us bops. Friends, she has not been. She has been giving us some garbage. Me! You Need to Calm Down. No! And rude!

This week, Swift finally released a song off her upcoming Lover album that is legitimately good. (At least, I wont change the radio station immediately when it comes on.) The Archer is a soft, synth-heavy ballad that has Swift dialing back the brassy attention-seeking of her last two singles for something more introspective. I like it!

Im getting Cyndi Lauper vibes and Donna Lewis vibes. Some pretty blatant Lana Del Rey and Carly Rae Jepsen appropriation, but Im not mad about it. The lyrics are simplistic and relatable, returning to the fairy tale motifs that earned her legions of young fans. She quotes the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme, bless.

This is Taylor Swift, so its still petty AF, with the song boasting analogies in which she is both the hunter and the preymore meta commentary on her personality. But for a change of pace, it doesnt seem indulgent.

Listen to it here.

A Big Little Lies Finale Hangover

Well, that was underwhelming. I mean, not the season as a whole. Remember those brighter days of Big Little LiesSeason Two, Episodes 1 through 3when we were going crazy over Meryls scream, Laura Dern screaming pussfuck! and Amabella having an anxiety attack over climate change?

That gave way to utter narrative nonsense, total plot stasis, and the sad realization that our initial suspicionsmaybe there shouldnt have been a Season Twowere correct.

Dont get me wrong, the show was still a blast to watch. Reese Witherspoons Madeline Martha MacKenzie is still iconic, even if they forgot to write her a plot this season. That courtroom scene between Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep featured badass acting, as far as the worlds most outlandish legal proceeding goes. But the way it ended, you were kind of just like, what was the point? Oh well. Im still going to use those GIFs forever.

Cant Get Over This Affleck-Damon Nonsense

So far, 2019 has taken a giant, steaming dog shit on our ability to feel joy and hope, so I try to keep this newsletter positive and enthusiasticyour very own pop-culture pooper scooper, so to speak. But nah, not with this.

Projects coming from the Affleck brothers were both in the news this week, providing a brain aneurysm to polish off your rage stroke. First it was announced that Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are reteaming to write a new screenplay. Great! We like Good Will Hunting. Nicole Holofcener is working on it with them. A dream! Shes a goddess among shitty men.

The plot takes place in the 14th century, centering on two best friends, one of whom goes to war and learns that the other raped his wife. No one believes her. The court exonerates the rapist. The friend is angry. Im sorry… what?!

Lets recap: When the #MeToo movement began, Damon sparked controversy for asinine comments urging for more attention to be paid to the men in Hollywood who arent sexual harassers and rapists, worrying that we were unfairly conflating all bad behavior. And Affleck? Video resurfaced of him groping actress Hilarie Burton.

Should you have mistakenly thought that with these last few years of near-constant talk about gender disparity, safety, responsibility, and accountability in the wake of #MeToo, that everyone in Hollywood stopped sharing one hummingbird-sized brain, this should settle that for you. How is THIS the project these assclowns decide to embark on?

As fathers of daughters, youd think theyd be concerned about YET ANOTHER project in which a womans rape is a plot device.

But just in case you have a mouthful of coffee youre looking to spit out at your computer, heres a screenshot of a tweet describing Casey Afflecks (read about that guy here) next movie:

J. Lo Just Turned 50

And I recently purchased Rogaine.

What to watch this week:

Orange Is the New Black: It really sticks the landing.

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood: Honestly, just see it so that you dont have to listen to film bros tell you why you need to see it. Just looking out for you.

Honeyland: Support independent film!

What to skip this week:

Pennyworth: Batmans butler, Alfred, is basically a young James Bond. Maybe that sounds interesting to you. It does not to me!

Lights Out With David Spade: What 2019 definitely needed was a late-night show hosted by David Spade.

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